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OPEIU Member Exclusive Benefits:
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Union Member Exclusive Benefits:
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    Higher* Wages Overtime Pay
    The 40 Hour Work Week The 8 Hour Work Day
    Safer Working Conditions Better Healthcare Plans
    Pensions & 401K Retirement Accounts Paid Vacations & Holidays
    Fairness in Promotions & Work Assignments Sick Leave & Family Medical Leave Legislation


    Education & Legal:

    Auto Benefits
    (Union Plus)
    Education & Legal
    (Union Plus)

    Entertainment Discounts:

    Hardship Assistance:

    Entertainment Discounts
    (Union Plus)
    Hardship Assistance
    (Union Plus)

    Health & Fitness:

    Home & Technology:

    Health & Fitness
    (Union Plus)
    Home & Technology
    (Union Plus)

    Money & Insurance:

    Travel Center:

    American Income Life

    Amalgamated Bank
    "America's Labor Bank"

    Bank of Labor
    "Born of Integrity"

    Credit Card
    1.5% cashback
    (Union Plus)

    Prepaid Debit Card
    5.1% interest bearing savings account
    (Union Plus)
    Travel Center
    (Union Plus)

    *According to a January 2013 publication by the United States Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2012 Members of unions earned an average of 27% more than non-union workers performing comparable work.