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Coming Soon: OPEIU Local 30, 2014 Elections
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During the general membership meeting on 07-24-2014, nominations were held for our union's offices. Incumbents for the following positions were unchallenged and became automatically re-elected:

CFO/ Executive Director: Walter Allen
President: Marianne Giordano
Vice President: Cathy Young
Recording Secretary: Cathy Engler
Arizona Executive Board: Linda Winters
Colorado Executive Board: Chris D.
Los Angeles, CA Executive Board: Annie Watson, Ruth Porchas
San Diego, CA (California Service Center) Executive Board: Roger Lester

There are six (6) nominations for the three (3) San Diego Executive Board positions, therefore we will have an election wherein the top three (3) candidates with the most votes will be elected. Ballots will be mailed to members' homes. The candidates for the San Diego Executive Board are:

Carmen Corral
Tony Hawkins
Jon Larson
Donald Murphey
Jan Nikodyn
Dustin Teske

Consistent with our practices during previous elections, all candidates will have the opportunity to display their campaign material (or a link[s] to their campaign material) on this site, at no cost.