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Bargaining with KP in 2018/2019
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In response to the inquires I've received regarding 'what's going on with the union (bargaining with KP)', I thought I would provide some information and links to several union sites and union-related sites that may be of interest.

Alliance of Healthcare Unions
(National Bargaining Group that includes AFT, ILWU, IUOE, KPNAA, Teamsters, UFCW, UNAC/UHCP and USW)
Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions
(National Bargaining Group that includes IFPTE, OPEIU, SEIU and UNITE-HERE)
"On May 22, 2018 the Alliance of Health Care Unions (AHCU) will begin coordinated bargaining for a new agreement with Kaiser Permanente (KP)". CKPU Leaflet Summarizing the Coalition's Unfair Labor Practice Charges Against KP
UFCW Local 135 OPEIU Local 30
UFCW Local 770 SEIU Local 49
USW Local 7600 Stern Burger with Fries

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OPEIU Local 30, 2017 Election Results
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During the July 2017 General Membership Meeting, nominations were held for our union's offices. Every incumbents was either unchallenged or won re-election via a mail-in-ballot-vote of the general membership. Fewer than 7% of the membership participated in the election (93% chose not to return their mail-in-ballots).

*I ran for a position on the Executive Board and lost (again). Here were my positions on the issues (including the importance of involving and engaging the members, especially in preparation for -and during- contract bargaining with KP).

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O.P.E.I.U. News:
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Kaiser Permanente Management and its LMP Office made this site to tell us how our new contract bargaining is going (2015).

Why have the Members of NUHW Voted to Strike Against Kaiser Permanente Numerous Times?

Two good reasons (one and two) not to take Kaiser Permanente Managements' Total Health Assessment

08-22-14 through 09-18-14: OPEIU, Local 30 Elections

Guild for Professional Pharmacists @ KP Vote Down Contact Offer

Supporting Politicians Who Support You

Why should YOU join the OPEIU?

How do we, as a membership, become more involved in our union?

OPEIU Scholarships Now Available


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National Labor News:
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Union Members for Bernie
(Bernie Sanders for President)

It Began with an Article about Ford's New Vehicle...

What Gives You Meaning?

The Future of Labor and Work: LBST 4100

Why Organizing the NCAA is Right

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