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10/06/2016 - Security guards employed by Securitas Security Services USA, Inc. at the Waste Treatment Plant in Richland, Washington joined the I.G.U.A.. Votes were tallied on October 6th 2016. There are 24 members in the new bargaining unit. 09/07/2016 - Officer's votes were tallied on September 7th 2016. The Armed and Unarmed Security Officers employed by Paragon Systems, Inc. at the Department of Homeland Security National Headquarters located in the Nebraska Avenue Complex in Washington D.C. voted unanimously to join the I.G.U.A.. There are 131 members of the new bargaining Unit.
05/07/2016 - Security officers employed at the National Archives locations in Washington, D.C. and College Park, Maryland voted to join the International Guards Union of America by nearly 3-1 ratio. There are 125 members in the bargaining unit, I.G.U.A. Local 160. 02/24/2016 - June 17th and 18th 2014, Sergeants and Lieutenants in the Protective Forces employed by by G4S Government Solutions, Inc., d/b/a WSI Savannah River Site, a/k/a WSI-SRS at its Savannah River Site located in Barnwell, South Carolina voted to join I.G.U.A. by a margin greater than 3-1. After lengthy delays by the employer, the NLRB finally certified the results on February 24th 2016. There are approximately 76 members in the new bargaining unit.

10/29/2015 - Security Officers and Transport Officers employed by Emerald Correctional Management, LLC at the San Luis Regional Detention Center and Support Center in San Luis, Arizona voted to join I.G.U.A. There are 91 Members in the new bargaining unit. 07/24/2014 - I.G.U.A. Wins More Than $2.6 Million Settlement against Employer
03/24/2014 - NSPS Finishes First Year as DOE's Security Contractor in Oak Ridge (Great work by members of I.G.U.A., Local 3!) The Officers who comprise I.G.U.A. Local 153, joined our union in late 2012. The local union now includes approximately 130 Members!

09/18/2012 - International Guards Union of America Contests the Firing of Security Police Officer 07/27/2012 - Members of Local 3 Ratify New Contract
06/26/2012 - Contract Negotiations Underway for Members of I.G.U.A. Local 3 04/20/2012 - I.G.U.A. Region 7 President, Ernie Dunn's, Letter RE: Discrimination Against Private Sector Employees

April 12, 2010 - Judgment Reaffirms I.G.U.A.'s Win Against Wackenhut 10/2008 - I.G.U.A. Region 7 Meeting
10/2008 - I.G.U.A. Local 143 Meeting 01-02/2008 - International Newsletter

Former I.G.U.A. Local 3 President, Randy Lawson's Letter Regarding a Previous Contract Negotiations 06/30/2003 - I.G.U.A. Beats Diamond Detective Agency
I.G.U.A. Local 66 National Labor Relations Board (NLRB Win!) I.G.U.A. Local 69 National Labor Relations Board (NLRB Win!)