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IGUA Newsletter Jan/Feb 2008

February 15, 2008

Fellow Members of IGUA:

2008 is here and could be an important and busy year for security within the IGUA. With the upcoming Presidential elections and the national budget ahead as well as working towards federalizing all DOE/NNSA Security Police Officers, these issues could impact many locals. I would ask each and every member to exercise your right to vote.

IGUA Local # 3 will be celebrating a sixty (60) year anniversary in 2008:

Local # 3 will become sixty years young in May of 2008, thus making it the oldest existing local within the IGUA. Local # 3 is located in Oak Ridge, TN at the Y12, Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Oak Ridge Protective Force sites. Local 3 membership is over 550 strong. The site is currently in the hiring process with at least three classes coming in 2008.

IGUA Directory:

We are in need of a current directory of each IGUA local. Once we have the information, a directory will be sent to each local. In order to make the directory available, I will need from each Secretary Treasurer a copy of the following:

* A current listing of the executive board members.
* Number of current members in good standing.
* Current dues
* Current Initiation Fees
* Current local address and phone numbers of President/Treasurer (P.O. Box or what is used when sending in per capita tax).
* Web site or email address of President/Treasurer.
* Monthly meetings: When scheduled or as called (specify).
* Employer and Site.

A Challenge for each Regional Vice President:

The IGUA can only exist and prosper if we continue to be proactive toward organizing future sites. If we stay satisfied with our current numbers we will be left behind from all other Unions who are generating higher numbers each year. I would like to make a personal challenge to each Vice President to organize at least two (2) new sites this year with no less than 50 members. Organizing expenses are reimbursed by the International(lost time) and I have given you ten months to complete this task. I will be sending out organizing packets to each Vice President soon explaining the basics of organizing.

New Per Capita Tax beginning January 2008:

February�s pct�s from each local will increase from $5.00 to $7.00 per month beginning this year. This was voted and passed at the 2007 International convention to give the International a two dollar increase to help generate new income. No local�s monthly dues should be impacted by this increase, only the monthly pct�s will increase. All local Treasurers need to remember the increase of the pct�s which begins in February 2008 (for the January 2008 pct�s).

International Supplies:

If you are in need of any supplies (PCT forms, Organizing cards, New Member cards or wallet size membership cards) send me an email and I will send the supplies you need.

We also have a local distributor who was a former security officer that will stitch in IGUA with your local number on a variety of shirts (looks good) for a low price. You can select the shirts he has available, and design how you would like your shirts to be. For more information give me a call.

International Website:

Do not forget we have an International web site @ each local can be found on the site and if any changes need to be made send a message on the "contact us" bulletin.

2008 could be a big year for the IGUA; this all depends on each and every member taking part to see this organization grow. When on vacation or you may have relatives who work at sites who have security officers, tell them about the IGUA or contact your Region officers.

I look forward to working with each of you this year.


Randy Lawson
General President
International Guards Union of America